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Want to find out more about what support services, grants and rebates are available to you? Below you’ll find key areas of guidance, to help your business grow and succeed.

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Need to source services or suppliers to help set up your business? Below are key contacts to get you started.

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Counting Machines

Anker Andersen

Anker Andersen are the leading global supplier of industrial high-speed counting and sorting machines (HLZ) for the recycling industry. Anker Andersen’s HLZ machines provide efficient and reliable counting and sorting of used beverage containers (UBCs) made from PET, glass or metal.

Hans F. Lauszus

+45 5120 9024

Bins, Cages


Daywalk® is an Australian-owned company specialising in design, build, certification and training solutions for cages and bins. Proud to provide meaningful employment opportunities to Aussies living with disability. Clients include Cleanaway, BHP and Shell.

Martin Smith

1300 662 987

Bins, Cages, Counting Machines

Ellbourne Engineering

Our team at Ellbourn Engineering have been working with South Australian recycling companies since 2013. We have assisted with the development of new and improved cages that hold their range of products as well as implemented multiple efficiency and production improvements in the production and transport processes.

Tim Ellbourn

(08) 8566 2881

Labour hire

Forrest Personnel

Forrest Personnel operates 15 offices throughout regional WA and are actively seeking opportunities for involvement in the scheme as a way for us to create more employment opportunities for WA communities, particularly those with disabilities, injuries or health conditions. Forrest Personnel are keen to connect with like-minded, values-based organisations across WA.

Kylie Drage

1800 224 548

Bins, Cages, Counting Tables

Goodwill Engineering

Goodwill Engineering is an Australian Disability Enterprise that employs more than 70 people living with a disability and has more than 55 year’s experience in the metal fabrication industry. Their Containers for Change collection infrastructure, produced in their factory in Malaga, are extremely robust and purpose-designed. By purchasing from Goodwill Engineering, you are supporting Western Australian people living with a disability achieve their employment goals.

9267 8484

Waste Technology Services

Longopak Australia

Longopac® system enables smarter waste handling and innovative packaging solutions for a better working environment. The conical design facilitates self-compacting and the continuous bags result in up to a 70% reduction in plastic used whilst providing a cleaner more user-friendly solution to emptying bins.

Annaliese Devine

(03) 8792 9777

Smart Bins, Solar Bins

Orwak – Smart Bins / Solar Bins

Orwak’s innovative ‘TOM’ is the same size as a conventional waste bin but can hold up to 7 times the waste and can communicate when the bag is full. The solar-powered equivalent ‘RAY’ runs independently of cables and uses solar power to operate.

Annaliese Devine

(03) 8792 9777

Balers, Compactors

Orwak Compactors Australia

Orwak’s range of waste compactors and balers meet the demands of waste handling across multiple market segments. Orwak’s reliable, quiet and sophisticated compaction systems are designed to work for you and the range is divided into several product families based on similarities in design and functions.

Annaliese Devine

(03) 8792 9777

Bin Lifters, Counting Tables

ProSort CDL Solutions

ProSort CDL Solutions produces a range of products dedicated to supporting the can and bottle recycling industry. All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia and are affordable, robust and effective in speeding up the processing and sorting of clients’ containers, especially when they present with wheelie bins.

Phil Cornell

(08) 8568 5567

Reverse Vending Machines


Refunda’s mission is to help everyone share in the social and economic benefits the CDS enables, through innovative reverse vending machine technology. Refunda believes in using technology to deliver an effective and efficient container collection product, providing the greatest chance for every single container in Australia to be recovered and recycled.

Bryan Rutter

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