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An important part of Containers for Change is the establishment and operation of refund points across Western Australia to accept the return of 10c containers and facilitate customer refunds.

Reflecting our priority to create opportunities within the community, refund points are operated by a range of different social enterprises, businesses, and non-profit organisations.

The role of a Refund Point Operator includes


Collecting eligible containers deposited by members of the public and charity organisations;

Refund Points - Counting and sorting

Counting and sorting containers;

Refund Points - Connecting with the community

Facilitating customer refunds of 10c per eligible container; and

Refund Points - Connecting with the community

Connecting with the community to ensure awareness and understanding of Containers for Change.

Refund point operators are the face of Containers for Change and are expected to provide high levels of customer service.

There are currently 260 refund points in the State, making Western Australia’s Containers for the Change the most accessible container deposit scheme in Australia.


Four types of refund points can be found throughout Western Australia.

These sites serve different communities depending on the number of containers being returned and how customers would like to receive their refund.


Depots allow customers to return containers and get refunds on the spot.
Containers are counted by friendly staff or by machine. A refund is provided in cash, via electronic funds transfer using a customer’s member number (scheme ID), or the refund can be donated to a community group or charity.

Some depots also offer drive-thru or in-house bag drop services, allowing customers to quickly drop off their containers.


Bag drops offer a convenient and contact-free way to recycle and receive refunds through a member number (scheme ID).

Bag drops will take slightly longer for a customer to receive their refund compared to a depot, as containers need to be collected, transported, and counted before the refund can be processed. Bag drop sites are serviced regularly with the timing dependent on location.

Once a bag of containers is picked up and counted, the customer will receive a refund direct to their bank account via their member number (scheme ID), or their refund can be donated to a community group or charity member number (scheme ID).


Reverse vending machines are an automated return service for eligible containers.

Customers scan their member number (scheme ID) before inserting their uncrushed containers into the RVM, which scans and counts eligible containers. The refund is then automatically sent to the bank account associated with the member number (scheme ID).

RVMs count and check container eligibility via their barcodes, so crushed containers or those without legible barcodes won’t be accepted. Containers like this may be able to be returned to the RVM operator’s in-house bag drop service instead.


Pop-up refund points provide a scheduled service where refund point operators meet customers every week, fortnight, or month.

These pop-up locations allow customers, community groups, and charities to return their containers for a refund either in cash, via retail cash voucher, or through the bank account associated with their member number (scheme ID).

Some operators count the containers on the spot, while others will take your containers back to their sorting point to count and then process the refund.

Not all pop-up refund points offer cash refunds.


WARRRL manages a convenient and accessible network of refund points across Western Australia, through an open market application and assessment process.
We are currently accepting Expressions of Interest to operate refund points in Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

If would like to express interest in any of these locations, email [email protected].