When Containers for Change launches in June 2020, members of your community will be able to return their eligible empty containers for a 10-cent refund, which they can then choose to donate to your charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation.

In order to receive these donations once the scheme launches, your group will need to register for a Scheme ID. Refunds from returned containers can then be transferred electronically to your group’s bank account.

There are three ways for your group to fundraise through Containers for Change:

1. Physically collect containers

Use cages, bins or trailers to collect containers at your location, or at special events and activities. You can then return these containers to your local Refund Point for 10-cent refunds per eligible container. These refunds are deposited into your organisation’s bank account electronically, via your Scheme ID.

Refund Points are encouraged to make their container collection resources (cages, bins and trailers) available to registered community organisations, free of charge.

2. Virtual donations

Western Australians can also donate to your organisation from anywhere in the state simply by using your scheme ID. People can nominate your Scheme ID when returning containers, and your organisation will receive their donation as an electronic bank transfer.

3. Become a Refund Point

If your charity or community group is willing and able, you can apply to become a commercial operator of one of the 220 container Refund Points (RPs) that will be set up in the next two years.

Most RP operators collect, sort and store eligible containers, as well as paying the 10-cent refund for returning containers. In return operators receive a handling fee for each container returned.

Potential operators will need to participate in the the Coordinator’s open market application process. Key requirements and obligations include:

  • Be open to the public for a minimum number of hours per week (typically 35 hours, including weekends)
  • Cash handling facilities
  • Meet all of the Scheme Coordinator requirements including safety and operational policies

A key objective of Containers for Change in Western Australia is to support social enterprises, and improve employment opportunities for people with a disability and the long-term unemployed.

Visit our registration page to apply.

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