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Refund Point agreement

Material Recovery agreement

Criteria to consider recycler applications

Export Rebate agreement

Material Recovery Facility Sampling plan

Recycling Panel agreement

Recycling Panel application form

Recycling Panel application pack

Refund Point agreement - additional services

Refund Point agreement - Assistance Package

Refund Point agreement - Schedule 11

Bottle Crushing – Approved Methodology

Material Recovery (Bottle Crushing) Agreement

Refund Point agreement - variation

Refund Point agreement template

Recycling Panel Agreement (Credit Limit Template)

The alternative Recycling Panel Agreement (Credit Limit Template) imposes a limit on the amount of credit that will be extended to the recycler by WARRRL and will be utilised in circumstances where WARRRL has either been unable to undertake a credit check on the recycler or, having regard to the results of a credit check, WARRRL is not satisfied that the recycler will make payments as and when they fall due.