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Containers for Change is a product stewardship scheme. Product stewardship is an approach to managing the impacts of different products and materials on the environment for the duration of their life cycle.

An integral part to the success Western Australia’s container deposit scheme, Containers for Change, is working alongside partners from the beverage and recycling industries.



In some circumstances, beverage products manufactured or first sold into Western Australia will be exported out of the State — either overseas, or to another Australian state or territory.

Because these containers do not stay in Western Australia for consumption or redemption, they are not a cost to the scheme. The exporter of these containers is therefore eligible for an export refund.

A company that exports beverage products in eligible containers can claim the export refund if the containers have had the scheme costs paid, and there is an Exporter Agreement (EA) with WARRRL in effect.

The EA provides a direct contractual relationship between the exporter and WARRRL, allowing WARRRL to audit and verify the export refund claim.

To create an Exporter Agreement please contact [email protected].

Logistics providers


A logistics provider is a business, social enterprise, or organisation responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of containers from refund points to a centre for further processing.

This is undertaken at no charge to refund points.



Processors are responsible for:

  • Providing container collection infrastructure to container refund points;
  • Verifying the number of containers received from refund points;
  • Processing the collected containers into ready for sale material, such as crushing materials into bales;
  • The sale of materials to recyclers via an online auction platform; and
  • Facilitating the collection of materials by the purchasing recycler.

Material recovery facilities (MRFs)

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Material recovery facilities (MRFs) sort collected recyclable material and prepare it for recycling. They may use a combination of manual and mechanical separation methods to sort mixed recyclables.

MRFs are an important link in the Containers for Change recycling chain, with WARRRL closely collaborating in the collection and processing of containers

Online auction and sales portal


All processed materials from processors and MRFs are sold through an online auction portal to approved recyclers. Only registered recyclers can buy through this portal.

As WARRRL is a not-for-profit organisation, any auction returns from the refund point network are reinvested into the scheme’s running costs.



Recyclers registered with WARRRL can access the online auction and sales portal. Recyclers can bid on auction lots or access ‘buy now’ direct sale offers on recycled materials processed through Containers for Change.

These materials include:

  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate);
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene);
  • Aluminium;
  • Glass; and
  • Steel.